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How Can you donate to the Association? 

We rely solely on the goodwill of individuals and businesses to help fund the work we do.  We try to do events for children in our care and with extra funding we could do so much more.  This is not possible without your help. thank you.

To make a donation please contact our Treasurer, Mark Hewitt on 07591 183547
or email 

The Association would like to acknowledge all donations received and would like to give them all a big thank you from the foster carers and our children:

Group Donations
Big Lottery Fund
South Yorkshire Community Foundations
Penistone Round Table
Tesco for providing selection boxes, etc for our events
Barnsley FC

Individual Donations
Katie & Sophie Hartley - £374 in lieu of wedding favours
Chris Morris - £600 in lieu of flowers
June Denton & Karen Fretwell - £40 sale of Christmas decorations
Karen Fretwell - £20 donation
Lynn Jones - £30 donation

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